Online Spatial & Urban Seminar

A Zoom-based Economics Workshop
Mondays 11:30am-12:45pm (ET)

organized by
Jan David Bakker, Tomás Domínguez-Iino, Eunjee Kwon, Ana Moreno-Maldonado, Fernanda Rojas-Ampuero, and Gregor Schubert

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Spring term 2023

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February 13, 2023: Greg Howard (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign). Co-authored with Hansen Shao.
Internal Migration and the Microfoundations of Gravity

February 27, 2023: Clare Balboni (MIT). Co-authored with Johannes Boehm and Mazhar Waseem.
Firm Adaptation and Production Networks: Structural Evidence from Extreme Weather Events in Pakistan

March 13, 2023: Victor Couture (UBC). Co-authored with Jonathan Dingel, Allison Green, and Jessie Handbury.
Quantifying Social Interactions Using Smartphone Data

March 27, 2023: Jonathan Dingel (Chicago Booth). Co-authored with Josh Gottlieb, Maya Lozinski, and Pauline Mourot.
Market Size and Trade in Medical Services

April 24, 2023: Yue Yu (University of Toronto). Co-authored with Qianyang Zhang.
The Value of Cleaner Waterways

May 8, 2023: Rob Collinson (University of Notre Dame). Co-authored with Eric Chyn and Danielle Sandler.
The Long-Run Effects of Residential Racial Desegregation Programs: Evidence from Gautreaux

May 22, 2023: Ricardo Dahis (PUC Rio). Co-authored with Christiane Szerman
Development via Administrative Redistricting